Show History:

     Seattle Mineral Market
     Crystallography Gem+Mineral Market shows (some)
     Shelton Rock Swap & Tailgate
     Portland Regional Gem & Mineral Show
     Clackamette Show
     Puyallup Valley Gem & Mineral club
     Maplewood Rock shows (some)
     Cascade Mineralogical society show

     Washington Agate and Mineral Society Show
      Indian Mounds Rock & Mineral Show
     Washington Agate and Mineral Society Show
      Greater Detroit Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show

     and many more across the country...

Brittany Burkhardt

     Brittany's passion for rocks started at a very young age, where as a child, she would collect rocks from under the bushes at her family home in Michigan.  She would then haul them around and sell them to her neighbors.  And decades later, she is still hauling rocks around selling them, as a full time career.

     Along with managing the Seattle Mineral Market, Brittany is heavily involved in the mineral community in other ways.  When she is not digging or selling, she is teaching classes,  and constantly ushering people into the mineral community.  She also serves as show dealer chair for the PNW Friends of Mineralogy. 

     Here photos have been published in Rock & Gem magazine




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