GEMS, FOSSILS, JEWELRY, BOOKS, TOOLS

 FREE  Admission, Parking , Minerals for Children, Mineral and Gemstone Identification

Sample business card.  Handiest way to inform.  Date incorrect.

Japan Law Twinned Quartz, Bald Hornet, Cannon specimen

Sample Poster.  Dealers are welcome

to prepare their own flyers, handbills and posters.

"Art Quartz"

Watermelon tourmaline.  Galaxy Gems Brazil

Quartz , Zigras Mine, Arkansas,  Avant Mining


Saturday, May 26th  Sunday May 27th  10 AM to 5 PM at the

Lake City Community Center  1 2 5 3 1    28th Ave NE

 contact:   Bart Cannon / 206 522 98125 

Free admission, Free Parking, Free Minerals for children, some free for adults

All communication with Cannon should be by email only


Quartz, Denny Mountain, King Co, WA  (SOLD)

TABLE LAYOUT.  Drawn to scale with 6 foot and 8 foot tables shown.  This is the final layout. No changes without approval of Cannon.

Zektzerite, arfvedsonite,, Washington Pass, WA  Bart Cannon

Axinite , Quartz The Teenage Crush, WAshington Bart Cannon


​​The Lake City Community Center is now managed by Seattle Parks and Recreation.  There are major changes they require which complicate running the Seattle Mineral Market this year.  .Set up time is not yet firmly established other than the 7 AM to 10 AM Saturday morning.   There will probably be an opportunity to set up some on Friday evening as early as 8 to 9 PM Friday night, but only after the tables are laid out.  It could be earlier, but any time exceeding  the   7 AM to 10 AM Saturday morning must be paid for in addition to what I've already paid for.  This year the rental rates have more than doubled, and I was not given my reserved third weekend in May traditional show date.  That means some foot traffic will be lost due to the show date of Memorial Day weekend.   The weather forecast looks like it will be somewhat cool, and that is a plus because when the outdoor temp gets hotter than 80F the Community Center becomes an almost insufferable oven like container.

The cost this year will be $ 140 per 6' table and $160 for 8 foot tables.   Those who set up outside may not be required to pack up by 6 PM Sunday. . We are supposed to be out of the center by 6 PM, but there is no rental planned for after 6 PM by another group, and therefore we may be able to buy more time..

Final confirmation will follow receipt of full payment on or before May 5, 2018.   Contracts will be sent shortly.

There are no alcoholic beverages allowed.  All water spills must be cleaned up immediately. 

Only confined, well behaved small dogs are allowed at the show.

Black table coverings are encouraged.  They must be "fire resistant" not "fire retardant.   If unsure, use the match test on a scrap of the material you hope to buy.  Unlike other years, I will not be furnishing table coverings.

Tabled and chairs must be clean and placed in their storage area.

After set-up dealers should not park in the LCCCs parking area so that parking is available for visitors.

All boxes and packing materials must be taken home by the dealer.  The trash cans are for visitors only.

DEALERS who have shown interest in the 2018 Show.  Confirmed but not paid, in blue.  Paid in red.

Dealers who have more than 50% mineral specimens in their show stock will be given priority over gemstone and jewelry dealers.  This was the original format for the Seattle Mineral Market.


Bart Cannon, (Bart Cannon Minerals)  Northwest field collected mineral specimens.  Tables 32, 33

J.T. Hilton (Hardrock Minerals)   Northwest field collected mineral specimens.  Table 28, 27, 26

Michelle Ferris, (Crystallography) Minerals, crystals and gems.  Tables 64, 65, 66, 67

Brittany Burkhardt, (Mineral Endeavors)  Mineral Specimens, Fossils  Tables 91, 92, 93

John Lindell, Cory Torpin   Northwest field collected mineral specimens. Tables 1,2

Bruce Kelley, (Lithocat) Mineral photography, mineral specimens. Table18

John Meek  (Pacific Rim Minerals) Worldwide mineral specimens with attravtive prices.  19, 20, 21 

Peter Boyd,  Worldwide fine mineral specimens.  Tables16,17

Kim Villines, (Earthlight) Worldwide gems, mineral specimens and fossils.  Tables 94, 95, 96

Ed Godsey  Books, minerals   Tables 70,71

Reeve Petersen (Molecular Minerals)  Worldwide mineral specimens.  Tables 53, 54 

Bob Meyer,   Worldwide mineral specimens.  Tables 4, 5

Jesse Adkins (Stone Styles),  Decorator specimens featuring amethyst geodes.  Tables 6a, 6b, 7

Dylan Trevors (Great Northern Minerals),  Mineral specimens.  Tables 76,78

Matt Fimiano, Mineral specimens  Table 34

Soul Star  (Crystal Morris, Charles Goller),  Minerals, Vietnamese Aquamarine, obelisks. Tables 35 and 36.

Crystal Lined Pocket (Russ Boggs)  Mineral specimens, gem materials. Tables 39, 40, 41

Joe George (Cascade Scepters)  Mostly field collected Cascade quartz crystals. Tables 88, 89, 90, 97

James Zigras  (Avant Mining)  Very fine quartz crystals. Table 75

Moses Samora (Samora Minerals)   Minerals specimens, amber . Tables 73, 74

Kate and Jackie Patushki  (Serendipity Gemstones)  Jewelry metals and jewelry Tables 51, 52

Herb Shepherd (The Worlds Fossils and Minerals)  Mineral specimens, gemstones, fossils.  Tables 12, 13, 14, 15

Bart (James) Marchette, (High Mountain Minerals)  Mineral specimens, many field collected by Marchette.  Table 3

Washington Treasures (Tate Wilson).  Mineral specimens, fossils Tables 83,84

Spencer Seymour,  Mineral specimens.  3 outdoor tables.

Ray Hill Minerals    Table 56

Cameron Lowder (Cam's Crystals)  Mineral specimens.  Tables 62 and 63.

Kathleen Faas,  Jade carvings.  Table 49

Jake Freeman,  Mineral specimens.  Tables 79, 80

Leigh Readdy,  Mineral specimens.  Tables 42, 43, 44

C, George, (Tiger Eye)  Mineral specimens.  Table 55

Jerry Tumey  (Bolivian Minerals)   Mineral Specimens.  Tables 60, 61

​​Phoebe Moore,  (Tiny Thunder)  Crystal based jewelry. 1 table, unassigned

James Ouchida (Turquoise Jim)  Turquoise  1 Table indoors.

Delphe Doyon  Lorimar lapidary material   Table 57

Maria Price    Mineral specimens  Tables 47, 48

Samantha Lutskovsky,  1 Table, unassigned

Victor (Gem Nest),  Decorator, jewelry and lapidary materials.  Tables 85, 86, 87

Jeff Schwartz, (NW Minerals)  Field collected NW mineral specimens. Table 68

Brittney Muzzy (Dafunkraw)  Mineral specimens, fossils.  Tables 101, 102 (outdoor)​

Steve Falconbury  Mineral specimens.  Tables 10, 11

Bud Earle   Minerals specimens.  Tables 31 and 32
Lola Ocian  (Hounds of Apollo)  1 table not yet assigned.

Sadee-- (High Wire)  Pendants and mineral specimens.  1 table, not assigned yet.
Aregawi Yekunno (Gem Sparkly)  Ethiopian opals.  1 Table, not assigned yet.
Brad Kornish  ! table, unassigned.

Marty Biersner    Selladaw Gems   Minerals and gemstones.  2 Tables not yet assigned.

Caterer will be same as last year.  Athena's food van.