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Zektzerite, arfvedsonite,, Washington Pass, WA  Bart Cannon

"zebra stone"  Dana Slaughter

Japan Law Twinned Quartz, Bald Hornet, Cannon specimen

Watermelon tourmaline.  Galaxy Gems Brazil

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​​​D E A L E R S   Anticipated

Alfredo Petrov Minerals  Table 29. Sophisticated rare, and display mineral species.

Bart Cannon Minerals Tables 88,89  Fine field collected NW minerals, rare species, polished ore sections, ArtQuartz see
Bob Meyer MineralsTables 27,28   Worldwide minerals. Deep inventory. 
Bohemia Minerals(A.J. Luzier) Tables 65,64. Worldwide minerals. Oregon barite a specialty. 
Bolivian Minerals (Jerry Tumey) Tables 46,45  Worldwide minerals specializing in Bolivian materials.

Carrington Minerals (Alex Carrington) Table 35.  Discerning worldwide minerals. 
Cascade Scepters(Joe George) Tables 15,16,17,18. Fine NW quartz crystals, and worldwide inventory. 
Cam’s Crystals (Cameron Lowder) Tables 79,78. Mineral Specimens. 
Crystallography(Michelle Ferris) Tables 40,41,42,49. Crystals, minerals and jewelry from around the world.

Crystal Addiction (Robert Miller) Tables 66,59. 
Dana Slaughter Minerals  Tables 92,93 Worldwide mineral specimens at attractive prices. 
Earthlight (Kim Villines) Tables 12, 13, 14. Collector and decorator mineral specimens and jewlery.

Earth's Treasures (Rick Kennedy) Table 81,82.  Fine worldwide minerals including benitoite. 

Ed Godsey Minerals and Books. Tables 67,68,69 

Elvenspun (Russell and Rain Boggs) Tables 56,57,58  Minerals, gemstones

Emerald City Gems (Matt Lewison)  Table 95.  Mineral Specimens.
Falconbury Minerals (Steve Falconbury) Tables 21, 22. Mineral Specimens.

Fossilera  (Matt Heaton) Tables 85,86  Fine fossils.
Galaxy Gems Brazil (Troy Hatch) Tables 1,2,3,4. Crystals of gem minerals, cut stones, tourmaline bi-color broaches. 
Gary Moldovany Minerals Tables 23,24  East Coast USA mineral specimens including Franklin, NJ and Rhein Property, Amity, NY. 

Gem Nest (Victor) Tables 50,51,52.  Decorator specimens, jewelry.
Great Northern Minerals (Dylan Trevors) Table 90,91.  Fine worldwide mineral specimens. Georgia amethyst a specialty. 

Grove of Stones (Tanya Pluth)  Tables 94, 95  Mineral specimens from worldwide localities.
Hounds of Apollo(Lola Ocian) Tables 84, 83. Gems and minerals including covellite cabochons.

I Like Rocks (Hewan Zewdi)  Table 70.  Gems and minerals.
John Lindell MineralsTables 30 31.  Field collected NW minerals and general worldwide inventory.   

J.T. Hilton MineralsTables 96,97.  Field collected NW minerals and worldwide inventory. 
Leigh Readdy Minerals Tables 53,54,55.  Diverse mineral specimen inventory from the 60s through today.  
Lithocat (Bruce Kelley) Table 7 Mineral specimens and photomicrography.
Mineral Endeavors(Brittany Burkhardt) Tables 11,19,20.  Minerals, fossils, jewelry. 

Molecular Minerals (Reeve Peterson) Tables 37,38.  Mineral Specimens.

Natural Gold and Jade (Tom Payne) Tables 32,33 tables. Native gold, Wyoming jade.
Northwest Rockhound (Lanny Kittleson) Table 87. Lapidary materials, jewelry,, collecting equipment. 
P & D Agate (Roxanne Jordan) Tables 75,76.  Gem materials. 
Pacific Rim Minerals (John Meek) Tables 8,9,10. Good mineral specimens at good prices.
Peter Michael Boyd MineralsTables 5,6.  Fine mineral specimens. 
Phantom MineralsTable 36 Fine, rare species of minerals. 
Ray Hill Minerals Table 34. Mineral specimens including rare species, gem minerals.

Sidney Sorenson  Table 87.  Minerals, fossils, jewelry
Speegle Mineral and Trading (Chase Speegle) Table 71. Mineral specimens. 
Stone Styles (Jesse Adkins)  Tables 25,26.   Decorative mineral specimens. 

Tiny Thunder (Phoebe Moore)  Table 77.  Minerals. 
Tipps Gems (Mari and Jon Tipps) Tables 72,73 Mineral specimens including fluorescents.  

Upcycled Shiny Things(Jacqueline Pahutski)  Table 39.  Jewelery and metals for jewelry.

Washington Minerals (Jeff Schwartz) Table 43, 44  Fine mineral specimens with Northwest emphasis.  
Washington Treasures (Stuart Tate Wilson) Table 80. Worldwide and northwest minerals. 

Athena’s Seattle Food Truck. See to read their Greek food menu. Serving from around 11 AM to 2 PM or perhaps later. 

Setup is from 2 PM Friday afteroon May 20th until midnight.   Setup is also possible from 7:30 AM until 10 AM Saturday morning.   The show has more dealers than tables.  It is possible that there will be some no shows and perhaps some unexpected empty cubby holes where an emergency space could crop up.  I have built a scale model on sheet metal and scale tables with magnetic backing, and it is very effective, so I don't think much will open up.

Traffic flow with adequate aisles is very important.  No creative placement of tables by the dealers is allowed unless approved by me during setup or if no shows occur.

I will have 100 yards of black fire resistant table covering.  It's 54​ inches wide, and will be priced at $1.00 per foot.  Use of this material will give the show a unified look.   It's use is not required, but any covering must be certified fire resistant.  Fire retardant fabric is not acceptable.  Possibly because fire retardant materials cause health problems for the fire department in fire fighting procedures.

There is a refrigerator available in the center South alcove.  Athena's food truck will be available in the late morning and early afternoon. 

Prior dealership and early requests received a loyalty preference. 

Final confirmation must have been made by payment in full to Bart Cannon, 1041 NE 100th Street, Seattle, WA 98125 between January 21 and April 21, 2016.   Dealers who have complied are shown in red in the roster.

Contract will be sent by email and must be signed and returned by U.S. Mail to. 
Bart Cannon 1041 NE 100th Street, Seattle, WA 98125. 

All dealer spaces will have electric power limited to 800 watts.  Dealers will need their own mult-strips for power distribution to lighting.

WiFi is available at the Lake City Community Center.  Password will be provided to dealers.

Setu-up is Friday afternoon and evening  until midnight and from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM Saturday morning.

Tables and chairs must be clean and placed on loading carts following the end of the show. 

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Lake City Community Center. 

The center has a wooden dance floor and any spills must be carefully cleaned. AVOID spills !

After setup dealers should park at a distance from the center in order to allow easier visitor parking. 

Dealers are encouraged to distribute marketing materials. 

Provide links to your mineral business websites and they will be included in the website. 

Photos of inventory that the dealers expect to offer at the Seattle Mineral Market may be submitted for inclusion within the website.

Below you will see a sample business card image and a sampIe flyer image. The card should go into any pagemaker program and automatically create a sheet with 10 cards. You will probably need to get card stock and trim them by hand unless you can insert them into a temple which should conform with pre-perforated card stock. You may create your own promotional materials, but be sure to include mention of this website along with the other show details. 


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                           Saturday May 20th, Sunday May 21st,  2017  -  10 AM until 6 PM

                                Lake City Community Center   12531  28th Ave NE,   Seattle, WA 98125

                                    Contact:     Bart Cannon   206 522 9233   

                                                               See more information and images

                                       at Seattle Mineral Market Facebook, and Dealers Group Pages

"Art Quartz"

Dean Summers

Axinite , Quartz The Teenage Crush, WAshington Bart Cannon

Hemimorphite, Mexico. Dana Slaughter